.....I don't remember exactly when it was the first time I had taken something that used to make a harmonic noise, but since then I couldn't imagine my life without music. I've started my career at high-school in a rock band playing a guitar and making arrangements. First, I've learned guitar from A to Z, then I've learned to play keyboards, bass and drums as well. My first sampler was a 286 PC with a Covox 4-channel self-made soundcard and a Scream Tracker 2.0 software on it. I was absolutely shocked when I found what abilities this things can give to a man who's head is always full of melodies.
.....And then there was years of expirements. I've learned many different music styles. First it was progressive rock, than it was house and big beat, and in the end it was classical music for a big symphonic orchestra.
.....My first serious job was a score for documentary film about a Nahimov's Naval High-School in St. Petersburg, which was shown all over Russia by a central TV-channel. After that I've made several scores for student films that had good critics on film festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Also several years ago I won a tender for scoring a PC-game for a leading Russian software publisher. Most of this scores were made remotely through the Internet. You can see all of my work in myportfolio.
..... I'm looking for a job as a composer for films, computer games or any other piece of art that needs music and I'm sure that my job can make yours better. :-)
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Best regards,
Kim Astakhov
Music is my life...